Hello Kinsley! by Alana Moran

I would like to introduce Kinsley!  This sweet baby girl was just so good for our session, she basically slept the whole time.  Even though she was sleeping you could tell that she will be a force when she grows up.  She already has Daddy tied around her little finger, and you can tell her and Mommy will be best friends.  I was lucky enough to be able to photograph the wedding of Scott & Ashley previously so when they contacted me about a newborn session I knew I had to fit them in.  After risking my life in their elevator...ok maybe I didn't risk my life, but seriously that elevator was scary...I entered their home and photographed their lovely little family.  Check out the serious cuteness below.

Anthony & Jennifer get Married by Alana Moran

"From this day forward you shall not walk alone. 

My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home."

I felt this to be true with Anthony & Jennifer as I witnessed their wedding.  You could see how much love they have for each other.  Surrounded by their family and friends they tied the knot at Milner Chapel in Langley.  It is a beautiful little church with so much character, and just perfect for this wedding.  I wish Anthony & Jennifer all the best in their marriage for many, many years to come.

What failure looks like by Alana Moran

Well here we are...it's 2017.

Now I know you just came here to see what failure looks like so I am going to tell you.  Failure looks like me, your neighbour, your best friend, that stranger in the store.  Failure is everywhere.  

The best thing about failure is that it means you tried and the best thing you can do is try again.  I plan to keep trying this blogging thing...even though it's hard to find time to dedicate to it.  It's only hard because I make it that way.  I really enjoy it and want to do it more often yet year after year I fail.  So what am I going to do about it?  It's obvious isn't it...I will TRY AGAIN!

I have many sessions from 2016 that I need to blog.  So many beautiful weddings that need to be shared.  New babies that have been born and are just so adorable you MUST see them. Plus I have lots of personal stuff I want to share with everyone.  I want my readers to get to know me, and I want to get to know you.  So let's start off by me asking you this...what is something you have failed at, yet after trying again you succeeded?  This blog isn't my only failure and I am sure it won't be my last, but you can bet I will just keep trying!

I will leave you with a picture from the Maternity Session I did recently.  I know I mostly do weddings but I have decided to start doing more with photography since I love it so much!

Is it too late to talk about Easter? by Alana Moran

Now I am sure you answered yes to my question, but I am going to do it anyways.  Easter was a very busy time for my family so things got a little off track, hence this post is LATE!

So my kids are still little…they are 7 and 10.  I believe in keeping the magic alive in my children’s lives.  We believe in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, Elf on the Shelf…you get the idea.  Now I know many people don’t and that is fine, but for us we want to encourage our kids sense of wonder and imagination using these characters as tools to aid us in that venture.  So Easter meant a visit from the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny hid eggs all around the house and my kids had a blast locating them.  The Easter Bunny definitely upped his game by hiding them in more challenging spots this year.

Once all the treasures were found the kids were allowed to eat one chocolate.  Just because the Easter Bunny leaves a ton of chocolate doesn’t mean they get to eat it all at once.

Another part of Easter is Family.  This year we spent it with my side of the family and had a great dinner.  We all got to cuddle my sisters new baby and spend some quality time together.  I hope when my kids are older they remember holidays as fun and also as a great time spent with family and friends.  Now because I was so busy being present at Easter that meant I didn't capture any images...so I will leave you with one image of my kids full Easter basket that I snapped with my cell phone...eek.

What are you holiday traditions?


Alana Joy Needs A Facelift by Alana Moran

No it's not plastic surgery...it's a RE-BRAND!  I know I mentioned it before but I wanted to remind myself, and everyone else, that I am in the beginning stages of doing a re-brand on my business this year.  I am doing an overhaul of EVERYTHING!  I have a Pinterest board that you can check out to see a few things that I like....it's really sort of an insight into who I am.  Now I know when you check it out you are going to be like....um, there is a Christmas tree in here?  Yes, yes there is...and why you might ask...well I LOVE Christmas.  It is my favourite holiday...the lights...the music...friends...family...food...I LOVE IT ALL!!!

I am planning to launch the new brand this summer with a little Launch Party.  Make sure to keep checking back here on the blog for updates.  You could also check out my Instagram as I plan to post sneak peeks on there as well. 

Wish me luck on this new adventure....it's going to be a lot of work...but I know it's going to be amazing once it's all done.  Here is a peak at my Pinterest Inspiration Board for my re-brand.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 5.52.06 PM.png

Wedding Dresses...how do you pick? by Alana Moran

Wedding Dresses!  Oh where do I begin….so many things I can say about dresses.  There are so many different dresses out there it’s often hard to know where to start when looking for one.  I ordered my own wedding dress online right from the designer as I couldn’t find anyone local who had anything like it as I liked the ruffle look…..that was 5 years ago….now ruffles are everywhere.  I guess I was ahead of the times…lol.

The question is how do YOU find the right dress?  Here are some things that can help:

#1 – Know what you want to look like on your wedding day.  Do you want to look like a princess in a big dress, do you want to seem whimsical in something that is flowing, do you want a train that goes on for miles to make a big statement…or maybe you want a short dress.  Are you looking for lots of bling or something more understated?  It’s your day and your vision….a great stylist can help you achieve this.

#2 – Know your BUDGET and make sure to tell the stylist when you arrive!  There is nothing worse than finding a dress you LOVE only to be told it is WAY out of your price range.  Don’t look at a Ferrari when you can only afford a KIA (no offense to KIA).

#3 – Ugly on the hanger doesn’t mean ugly on you!  Whether you are short or tall, thin or not, it doesn’t matter…there is a dress out there that will make you look and feel fabulous!  Sometimes it is a dress that you didn’t think would look good on you.  It doesn’t hurt to try it on…let’s be honest, dresses look totally different on our bodies then it does hanging on a hanger.

#4 – Remember it is YOUR day.  As great as it is to get the opinions of your family & friends you must remember that you are the one who has to wear the dress.  You are the one who will look at your photos 10-20-30 years from now and you have to know that you picked the dress you loved….no matter if your mom didn’t like it as much as you.

Those are some of my tips for finding the perfect dress for you.  Now let’s look at a few dresses that my brides wore this year.

2017 High School Senior Rep. Program by Alana Moran

Alana Joy Photography is currently searching for Class of 2017 High School Senior Representatives.  What is that you ask....see all the details below!

I am looking for energetic and out-going students from the lower mainland who love being in front of the camera who will be graduating from High School in June 2017.

What will being a Senior Rep get you?

Each representative will receive a Senior Portrait Session for 50% off the normal Session Fee.  You will also receive a 5% cash back incentive from each session completed because of your referral.  *see rules and limitations for details.

How to Apply!

Interested students should submit their applications by February 15, 2016 here. Please note not everyone who applies will be accepted.

Please follow us on Facebook for the latest updates about this program.

To qualify for this exclusive position you must:

  • Graduate June 2017 from a High School in the lower mainland.
  • Have great style and an awesome personality
  • Agree to tell your friends about Alan Joy Photography and share your rep cards with them
  • Have your parents/legal guardian sign a model release form
  • Agree to represent ONLY Alana Joy Photography between March 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017
  • Have a Facebook profile and agree to use it for marketing, and se photos from our session as your profile and cover photos from the time you receive your photos to June 30, 2017
  • If chosen as an Alana Joy Photography Senior Rep, you must pay the $50 non-refundable retainer by March 31, 2016

** Rules and Limitations:

Senior reps will be provided with senior rep cards to hand out to other High School Seniors.  The cards will have the senior rep's name and picture on it along with a discount code for 10% off a High School Senior Portrait Session.  When a client books a High School Senior Session and they mention the referral card the High School Senior Rep will receive 5% cash back of the session fee once paid in full (Meaning if another Senior has a Senior Portrait Session with Alana Joy Photographer and shows they were referred by your card then you will receive $10 in CASH!.)  Senior Rep Cash Back Program will run from June 15, 2016 - May 31, 2017.  Senior Rep. cards must be mentioned during the booking in order to receive the discount and for the Senior Rep to receive the Cash Back incentive.  Cards must also be presented at the shoot.  Only one Senior Rep card is valid per session.  Senior Reps will work as independent contractors.  Alana Joy Photography reserves the right to remove a Senior Rep from the program at any time for any reason.  Reps must live within the School District for all of the 2016/2017 School year.  Senior Reps may not be Senior Reps for any other photographers during this time.  Alana Joy Photography has the rights to use the images taken at the Senior Rep Photography Session as they see fit, including but not limited to facebook, pinterest, blog, publications and marketing.  Personal information such as E-mail, address, phone number, and full name will be kept confidential.

Welcome to 2016! by Alana Moran

I am so excited for 2016!  I feel like this year is going to be MY year….do you feel it too?

As you may or may not know I like to set out some goals for the year.  Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail at them…like in 2014 when I said I was going to blog once a week….well that didn’t happen AT ALL.  This year I have a few goals I want to share.

#1 – Blog more consistently.  I know what you are thinking…I just said I failed at this two years ago…well I am trying it once again.  I have now made a blog calendar and pre-planned topics.  I am hoping that it will help me to blog, blog, blog.  I actually enjoy it a lot…and I hope you enjoy reading the posts!  I am always looking for new ideas so if you have something you would like to see me blog about please send me a message!  This year my blogging will consist of Sessions from weddings, tips for Brides and even a couple personal projects as well.

#2 – Plan family nights!  My kids will only be little once….actually they are already getting too big!  My oldest will be the big TEN this year….where has that time gone?  I want to plan things for us to do as a family.  Don’t get me wrong it’s not like we don’t spend time together now but I want to plan some fun adventures to give them great memories.  I don’t remember my day to day life as a child but I do remember the times my family did fun things together.

#3 – Re-Branding.  I know I thought I was going to do this a couple years ago…and I did…but this time I am doing a huge overhaul.  You can check out my inspiration board on Pinterest here.  These are all things I love and want to somehow incorporate into by brand.  I will be getting a whole new look and it’s going to be great!  I have already started on this and plan to keep you all in the loop along the way!

Those are my 3 big goals for this year.  What are your goals for 2016?

Here is a quick picture as I don't want to leave you with out an image.  This photos is one of my favourites from last year!

Fall Mini Sessions 2015 by Alana Moran

Just over two weeks ago I held my Fall Mini Sessions.  These booked up so quickly as they are a really great deal if I do say so myself…lol.  I usually only do these in the Fall and they are a great way to get your pictures done in time for Christmas cards!  Luckily the weather decided to play nice and the sessions were amazing.  I saw lots of familiar faces as well as some new ones this year.  I want to thank everyone who came out to the sessions this year, along with all the people who shared my promo with their friends.  Without all of you I wouldn't be able to do what I love and photograph people.  Now here is a peek into the Fall Mini Sessions...

2016 Senior Rep! by Alana Moran

Grade Twelve…the final year of High School.  Where has the time gone…you just started Kindergarten last week…or at least if feels that way.  As the school year gets closer and closer to being over you will wonder where all the time went.  People move on to bigger and better things.  Friends often find themselves in different places, maybe away at school or on a mission excursion.  Graduating is the first step of your new adventure and that is why I think commemorating this final year of school is important.  So I am now offering High School Senior Portraits! They are a great way to remember who you were as you got ready to start the next chapter in your life. 

Next year I will need some Senior Reps to help me on this new venture so on January 1st, 2016 I will have a blog post with all the information on how you can become a Senior Rep for Alana Joy Photography.  However this year I have only one so without further ado here is Liam my 2016 Senior Rep!!

Liam is a Grade Twelve student at Clayton Heights Secondary.  He is sweet, caring and as I am sure you girls will agree he is handsome!  Here is a little info about Liam…he is an active member of his rugby team, likes volleyball, wake surfing and video games.  He also likes long boarding…we even snapped a few shots of him long boarding during his session!

If you want to have a Senior Portrait Session done and are a 2016 Grad please contact me for special pricing!

Here are a few more pictures from Liam's session.

Kostas & Katie's Wedding ~ Penticton, BC by Alana Moran

"How do you spell love?….You don't spell it, you feel it!"  This quote truly sums up how I feel about this wedding.  You don't even need to know Kostas and Katie to know how much they love each other…you can just feel it by being in their presence.

You might remember them from their engagement session which you can see here. They truly are so sweet and so in love.  They had their ceremony right on the beach on the Okanagan Lake and then their reception was held inside the historic S.S. Sicamous.  They had the most beautiful mint & peach decorations, vintage plates, and so much more.  Take a look below to see the love that went into this wedding and the love that will forever be this marriage!

Lesia & Shayne's Wedding ~ Fort Langley, BC by Alana Moran

"The best thing to hold onto in life is each other" ~ Audrey Hepburn

When you see Lesia and Shayne together you can tell that they will hold onto each other…forever!  Seriously these two are so sweet together!  I was lucky to be chosen to capture their special day…and it was amazing!  You might remember seeing their engagement photos, they were the ones who embraced the rain.  We were much luckier this time and there was no rain in site!  

I had such a great time and that is thanks in part to my wonderful second shooter, Tyler from Tyler Olinyk Photography.  Tyler was so great, he captured the guys getting ready while I spent time with the Bride.  Seriously this wedding was so full of love…check out the pictures to see what I am taking about!

Vendor Spotlight ~ La Punta Norte, Summerland, BC by Alana Moran

Looking for a fabulous wedding venue in the Okanagan?  Look no further….La Punta Norte is just what you need!

I connected with Colleen from La Punta Norte about doing this vendor spotlight and she was so gracious!  

What can you tell people about La Punta Norte Guest Inn?  It is a very unique place.  We have 6 Guest Rooms and 1 Suite.  All of our rooms and the Suite have their own private hot tub on their own private deck overlooking beautiful Lake Okanagan.  We serve a full sit down gourmet breakfast in the morning.  There is a Barbecue patio where guests can relax and prepare their own lunch or evening meal and enjoy each others company.

How did you get started in the wedding business?  The wedding business got started when my niece asked if she could get married here.  This was before we had the Event Center.  After doing that wedding we realized that this is something we could add on our business plan and it just mushroomed from there.

How many weddings do you host and what would you tell a prospective client ?  We do about 30 weddings a year from May to September each year.  We are a popular venue for many reasons.  The price is right :) and you can bring in your own alcohol as long as you have a Special Occasion License.  The view is STUNNING.  We go beyond to make sure the wedding day is all that a client hopes for and more.  Our venue is quite different than the traditional venues as we are indoor/outdoor.  We have a beautiful Gazebo with amazing views for the ceremony and can host about 100 people for weddings.

Why do you like to host weddings?  Hosting weddings is fun.  You get to be part of the exciting adventure from engagement to vows.  We like helping brides with their decisions.  It is step by step planning and we like to be part of that for each of our couples.  

What advice would you give couples?  Communication is key to a long lasting relationship!

Anything else you want to share?  We book up quickly so we suggest that reservations for the B&B or for Weddings should be done at least a year in advance….especially for Saturdays as they go quickly.  We enjoy meeting people.  We have clients that come back year after year and we feel like we are welcoming friends back each time.

Thank you so much Colleen for taking the time to answer my Vendor Spotlight questions.  You can check them out on their website at www.lapuntanorte.com.  I cannot say it enough but this venue is truly amazing!  If you are looking for a wedding venue in the Okanagan please check them out…you won't be disappointed.  Below you can see some of the pictures from the wedding I shot there last year.

Shayne & Lesia ~ Mill Lake, Abbotsford by Alana Moran

Rain, rain, go away come again another day……nope that didn't work.

Shayne & Lesia already rescheduled their engagement session once due to weather but this time they decided they would take whatever Mother Nature threw our way.  Most couples would never have their engagement session in the rain (and I don't blame them) but these two decided to be different.  Now when I say it was raining…I mean it was POURING RAIN!  

We met up at Mill Lake in Abbotsford and decided to walk around the lake and take pictures along the way.  We managed to stay dry for about the first half but then slowly we could feel the wetness sinking in.  By the end of our session Shayne & Lesia had totally embraced the weather and we ended with some pictures on the dock…no umbrellas….no hoods….just rain!  I can honestly say it was awesome!  I can't wait to see how their wedding day unfolds and although I hope it doesn't rain……if it does we will be ready for it!