Hanging out with some Photographer Friends / by Alana Moran

So this weekend I met up with some other photographers, Jessica Dherari and Laura Rosten, whom I had met at the workshop put on by Justine Russo of Justine Russo Photography that I went to in April. We decided to meet up in Fort Langley and it was so much fun!  Fort Langley itself has so much to offer.  One of my favourite places is the old train station.  If you have never been you should totally go!!!!

And to my surprise it was actually OPEN!  There was a Conductor who told us some of the history of the CN Rail....

We also headed down to the old Ferry Terminal.  While we were there some ladies showed up thinking the ferry was still operational as their GPS had directed them there.  I quickly gave them directions and we all laughed about how GPS had in essence gotten them lost.....lol.

It was a great time with Jessica and Laura.  Here are a couple pictures of them.

My favourite picture is the one below where if you look closely you can see my camera inside of Jessica's lens.  Yes this is how photographers have fun, taking pictures of each other taking pictures!

Thanks ladies it was a blast!! Can't wait until next time!