Wedding Dress Memories ~ Surrey, BC / by Alana Moran

So I actually took these photos a little while ago but I didn't have a blog at the time.  My good friend Rachel had actually mentioned the idea to me, so one random day I decided, hey why not try this with my dress since it's just hanging in my closet. My girls were very excited to get to wear my dress.  They thought it was hilarious and fun! First up was Miss. E. ~ being the oldest she felt it was only fair she went

Then it was the little ones turn.  Miss P. was almost overtaken by the dress and all its ruffles.

They both really enjoyed it and I know I am going to love being able to show them these pictures when they get older.  Just seeing them in my dress made me realize that they will grow up one day so I am going to treasure these moments while I can!  Here is Miss P. having a moment of the giggles, she couldn't stop, it was priceless.

These photos of Miss. E. truly do show me that she already is no longer a little kid, she is getting older everyday.  It also made me realize only ten more years and she will be able to drive....yikes!

I think anyone with a daughter and a wedding dress should take pictures like this.  Whether you use your own camera or get the help of a professional, I know you will treasure these for a lifetime!

If you are interested in doing a session like this with your daughter feel free to contact me for a special "Wedding Dress Memories" Photo Shoot for only $50!

Thanks for reading!