Whistler, BC / by Alana Moran

This past weekend we headed up to Whistler to celebrate a friends birthday.  Our first stop was of course Tim Horton's!!  I don't drink coffee but my husband does so it was a necessity!

We then started to head up towards the mountain.  We stopped at Shannon Falls.  I had never been there before so it was great to see the water fall.  We did head up to another look out point but with so much mist I didn't dare take my camera out.  Here are some shots from the lower view point.  This picture also shows a stump, with another stump on top and then another tree growing out the side.  I think it shows how nature is determined to grow a tree in this location no matter how many times someone tries cutting it down.

Here are a couple more of my and my husband at Shannon Falls.  It also shows a tree stump that someone carved their initials into.  This piece of tree was sooo smooth, you can see how it shines, it was crazy!

Next we headed to our hotel and checked in.  We stayed at the Hilton and it was so nice.  We had a fridge, microwave and even  little stove top.

After we were all settled we headed into the village.  My husband had never been up to Whistler since we hosted the Olympics so I took him to see the rings and the park.

The rest of the trip was filled with hanging out with our friends and dinner at the Brew House, then there were some shenanigans that I won't get into....lol.

Overall the trip was great!  I think we are going to take the kids up there for a day trip as we know they would love it!

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!!!