Baby Brown - Maple Ridge, BC / by Alana Moran

Well here is the full post of Baby Brown.  Like I said before he was just so cute!  I know he is going to grow up to be the sweetest little boy as his parents are so nice!  I was so excited to photograph this little guy and I loved his "Big Boy" looking outfit, I bet Dad has one that matches.

I think he pretended to sleep right when I needed him to, and he was so good being awake, he is so strong too, he was able to lift his head and move it all around then gently place it back down....I was amazed since he was only 8 days old!

And of course you always have to get the little hands and feet!

In this last one it's like he is thinking "Hey!  What do you think you are doing over there" the door was open so it's like he was talking to the Dog who had gone outside.

I enjoyed my time with this little guy!  Can't wait until he gets bigger and I can photograph him again.  But for now I think his Momma would like it if he stayed little.

Thanks for reading.