Happy Anniversary Amy & Trevor! - New Westminster, BC / by Alana Moran

I must say Happy Anniversary to Trevor & Amy!  This time last year I had the greatest opportunity to share in their joy as their Wedding Photographer.  The weather was great, not too hot and there was "Love" in the air! My first time meeting this couple was when we took their engagement photos.  It turns out Amy is a hard one to make smile, but she got used to it after awhile :)

By the time their wedding came around I was so excited!  The wedding was perfect in the New Westminster Rose Garden.  Amy looked AMAZING! and Trevor was quite Handsome himself!

Amy and her Dad are so sweet together, I loved this photo of them.  Also Trevor comes from a good gene pool as check out him and Amy with his sisters....just stunning!

Here are a few of the little details from their wedding.

Here is the last group of photos.  These two are so in love and are just so cute together!

I wish Trevor and Amy all the best in their Marriage!  Again....


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