Back to School / by Alana Moran

I have been so busy lately with my sister's wedding that I missed a lot of the basic stuff that happens in life.  My kids started school again this year and I took their pictures, I can see how much they have grown.  Please excuse the quality of the photo on the left as it was taken with my lil' old point and shoot camera last year as we rushed out the door to school.  This year I was a little more organized.

Here is my oldest, and I can see what a difference just one year makes.

This one is my youngest in her second year of Pre-school.  I can also see how much she has grown and I realize she won't be little for long and yes she is wearing socks with sandals, she is four and likes to pick out her own attire.

I can already see how fast the time is flying by and it makes me a little sad knowing they won't be little forever, however they will always be my girls!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!!