Family Session ~ Mission, BC / by Alana Moran

A few weeks ago I went to Mission to photograph my best friends family.  I have known her since I was about 3 years old.  I didn't actually like her until we were 15 then we became really good, that's not right we became...BEST FRIENDS!

We went to high school together, graduated together and have always been there for each other whenever needed.  I was her maid of honour and she was mine too!

Since their yard has quite a bit wilderness in it, with lots of leaves it was perfect for their session.  It provided so many options.

She has 2 fantastic kids.

Her youngest is the same age as my oldest and they are only 4 months apart (we secretly hope they will be best friends too).  She is just so funny, cracks me up all the time!

Her oldest is a little more serious, but he sometimes likes to be goofy too.  He definitely made me work for these photos.

I had so much fun taking their photos, and had so many options for locations.  We even got one picture with their Dog, she is a sweetheart too.

Like I said there were lots of leaves so we had a little fun with them too, how could we pass up such a wonderful pile of Autumn coloured leaves?

I had so much fun!  If you want to get some family photos done contact me and we will see what sort of fun memories we can capture of your family too!

Thanks for reading I appreciate it!