Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 / by Alana Moran

So currently I do all my sessions on location.  I don't have any studio lights or anything, I usually use natural light whenever possible.  I am lucky enough that my husband has a friend who was gracious enough to lend me his studio lights so I could try them out.  Since I  was only practicing who better to use then my two little monkeys...lol

Here is my little monkey, she had fun making all sorts of faces...

Then there is my oldest who loves to pose, pose, pose...

I tried out different lighting scenarios to play around.  We had lots of fun too!

Since I have all my christmas stuff already out (I LOVE the holidays) the girls insisted on using some of the items in their photos.  They love the nutcrackers the most I think!

Thew one below I decided to do alter a bit as I think it looks more "gangster" lol.  I love this picture though!

I love the studio lights but just need to get some more practice in and see if I can set up a studio space.  It would be great to offer inside session for those who want them.

I must again thank my husbands friend Darcy for the use of his lights!!!

Thanks for reading I appreciate it!