The K Family ~ Langley, BC / by Alana Moran

A little while ago I met up with this family at Derby Reach Park.  We had been trying to do this session for a while but were being rained out.  We were so lucky that the sun decided to make an appearance.

We had lots of locations to choose from for some variety and their outfits worked perfectly!

We took a few of the parents by themselves and then a few of the kids by themselves too. She didn't order any school pictures and I don't blame her.  I made the mistake of ordering school pictures for my own kids and they are terrible...but then again aren't all school

In case you didn't notice I must tell you that everyone in this family has blue eyes, and it is ridiculous!  They are some of the bluest (is that even a word) eyes I have ever seen!  Their little girls eyes are crazy!  Mom and Dad are going to have to keep the boys away when she gets older.

We also went to the old barn at Derby Reach and snapped some great shots there too.  They were not afraid to climb up and pose for some great shots!

I had so much fun with this family!  They were a blast!  Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!