M Family ~ Fort Langley, BC / by Alana Moran

A little while back I was blessed to be able to photograph my Brother-in-law and his amazing family AGAIN!  I took their maternity and newborn photos with each pregnancy.  It feel so nice that they support me and my business and I can't thank them enough!

We met up at the Fort Langley Train Station!  It was great because it gave us so many options for different backgrounds.

2012-12-06_0001 Their two little guys are so cute!  The little one is only 7 months old and just starting sitting not too long before this session.  It's like he knew he was going to be a model and decided to learn to sit just for this session....hehe.

2012-12-06_0002 2012-12-06_0003

The oldest is such a character, I kept telling him there was a birdie in my lens and if he looked at it just right he would see it.  Well he looked pretty close a couple times...even told me he could see the Bird...lol


They are such great people and I am so glad I could snap these photos for them!

2012-12-06_0005 2012-12-06_0006

I love taking photos so much and it is even more special when I can use my talents to capture images of the people closest to me and my family!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!