Cake Smash ~ Surrey, BC / by Alana Moran

Well this little guy actually turned one about six weeks before we took these photos.  He had pneumonia on his birthday and didn't get any cake at sad :(  So his mom thought what better than a cake smash session...What is this cake?At first he was hesitant on even touching the cake, his mom had to jam his little hand into the icing, and even then he wasn't sure.  He didn't seem to like the icing all that much, but as soon as he got some cake he couldn't stop.

Yummy! Do I have something on my face? What?  It's just a little cake.I think this last picture sums it up pretty well, he was so excited about the cake.

Woohoo, that was the best cake ever!It was so much fun to do this session. This little guy managed to get cake all over himself...every nook and

If you are interested in a cake smash session for your little one please contact me for more details at

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