Happy Birthday H. ~ Penticton, BC / by Alana Moran

While I was up in Penticton I was able to photograph my cousins daughter celebrating her 7th birthday.  Both my kids were in attendance too and it was a "Fancy Nancy" themed party.  Now being the super smart person I am, I forgot my kids party dresses at home all the way here in Surrey, so about 15 minutes before the party I hit up Wal-mart and scored them each a nice summer dress for only $10 each.

The decorations at this party were splendid...and she got them on sale.  My cousins wife is smart and after each holiday she hits up the stores and grabs stuff on sale.  Just check out some of these cute decorations...

DecorationsThe kids each did a craft which was foam wands and they decorated with glue, beads and glitter, etc.

Craft TimeThere were all sorts of snacks and goodies. Instead of cake there was a sundae bar!  YUMMY!  The girls loved selecting which candy they wanted on their ice cream, and also choose if they wanted chocolate or caramel sauce and of course there was whip cream too.

snacks sundaeHere is the birthday girl with her birthday Sundae!

Birthday GirlHappy Birthday!!  I hope you had a great day and enjoyed that delicious sundae!

On a side note the picture below is of this cute little almost 2 year old.  She looks sweet and innocent but be careful, if you are not looking she will steal food right off your plate. I caught her as she stole a chip from another girl....lol.

Cutie Chip StealerThanks for reading, I appreciate it!