Little family on the Farm ~ Stewart Farm House, Surrey, BC / by Alana Moran

Have you ever been to the Old Stewart Farm House in Surrey?  If you haven't then you totally should go!  It is so amazing, the old house, the old barn, the old orchard....and the Ocean is right there too.

This was the location for this family session.  As you can see they are a cute little family of Three....but soon enough they will grow by four feet!  Yup....she has 2 babies on the way!

Family Orchards are yummy Big Brother inside the barn family Even though this was a family session I couldn't help by snapping a few shots of this Momma.  Can you believe there are two babies in there?  She looks amazing!

bump twins!I can't wait to photograph these two precious little babies when they get here.  I hope this momma has a safe and happy delivery!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!