2016 Senior Rep! / by Alana Moran

Grade Twelve…the final year of High School.  Where has the time gone…you just started Kindergarten last week…or at least if feels that way.  As the school year gets closer and closer to being over you will wonder where all the time went.  People move on to bigger and better things.  Friends often find themselves in different places, maybe away at school or on a mission excursion.  Graduating is the first step of your new adventure and that is why I think commemorating this final year of school is important.  So I am now offering High School Senior Portraits! They are a great way to remember who you were as you got ready to start the next chapter in your life. 

Next year I will need some Senior Reps to help me on this new venture so on January 1st, 2016 I will have a blog post with all the information on how you can become a Senior Rep for Alana Joy Photography.  However this year I have only one so without further ado here is Liam my 2016 Senior Rep!!

Liam is a Grade Twelve student at Clayton Heights Secondary.  He is sweet, caring and as I am sure you girls will agree he is handsome!  Here is a little info about Liam…he is an active member of his rugby team, likes volleyball, wake surfing and video games.  He also likes long boarding…we even snapped a few shots of him long boarding during his session!

If you want to have a Senior Portrait Session done and are a 2016 Grad please contact me for special pricing!

Here are a few more pictures from Liam's session.