Is it too late to talk about Easter? / by Alana Moran

Now I am sure you answered yes to my question, but I am going to do it anyways.  Easter was a very busy time for my family so things got a little off track, hence this post is LATE!

So my kids are still little…they are 7 and 10.  I believe in keeping the magic alive in my children’s lives.  We believe in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, Elf on the Shelf…you get the idea.  Now I know many people don’t and that is fine, but for us we want to encourage our kids sense of wonder and imagination using these characters as tools to aid us in that venture.  So Easter meant a visit from the Easter Bunny.

The Easter Bunny hid eggs all around the house and my kids had a blast locating them.  The Easter Bunny definitely upped his game by hiding them in more challenging spots this year.

Once all the treasures were found the kids were allowed to eat one chocolate.  Just because the Easter Bunny leaves a ton of chocolate doesn’t mean they get to eat it all at once.

Another part of Easter is Family.  This year we spent it with my side of the family and had a great dinner.  We all got to cuddle my sisters new baby and spend some quality time together.  I hope when my kids are older they remember holidays as fun and also as a great time spent with family and friends.  Now because I was so busy being present at Easter that meant I didn't capture any I will leave you with one image of my kids full Easter basket that I snapped with my cell phone...eek.

What are you holiday traditions?