Minoru Chapel Engagement Session ~ Jennifer & Anthony / by Alana Moran

First I want to tell you how this engagement session didn't happen.  I know what your thinking…"Hello Alana, it must have happened if you took pictures of it."... well what I mean is that we had this session scheduled a few weeks earlier and there was a slight disaster.  

Before the engagement session I was on my way to bridesmaid dress shopping as I am in a wedding a week before Jennifer & Anthony's wedding.  As I was driving out there I got a call.  It was Anthony.  When I asked how he was doing he said not well.  I immediately thought something had happened to Jennifer and I was worried.  Then Anthony told me how his hair stylist butchered his haircut and basically buzz cut him.  Jennifer was not happy…which was obvious by the fact he was calling.  As soon as I knew Jennifer was fine I started laughing.  Anthony asked if there was any way we could reschedule and he felt really bad as it was the same day as our scheduled session.  I reassured Anthony that it was fine and we could reschedule.  My brides are very important to me and there was no way we could do the session when I knew that his haircut meant Jennifer wasn't happy.  So that is how this session didn't happen…or rather was rescheduled.  

Minoru Chapel had a special meaning for Jennifer & Anthony.  So many people in Jennifer's family have gotten married there and since they will not be holding their wedding at the location they wanted to be able to do their engagement session there instead.

We had a beautiful day for this session.  I honestly have never been to Minoru Chapel and now that I have I can say I LOVE IT!  The Chapel is so cute and the grounds surrounding it are just as nice.  We ventured through the park and stopped at places along the way to capture these images.  As you can see it only took a few weeks for Anthony's hair to become acceptable for photos.

I had a lot of fun with Anthony & Jennifer and I look forward to be able to capture their big day in September.