New things are happening...or are they old things just being revisited? / by Alana Moran

Like the title of this post says, there are new things happening over here at AJP.  You could also say they aren't necessarily totally new since they are things I did before so it's almost like revisiting the past...but better!

I shifted my focus about two years ago to head towards mainly wedding photography.  I LOVE weddings....they are amazing.  The love you see two people share is truly one of the greatest things.  I have also realized I actually miss photographing other babies!  So I have decided that I am going to start offering Maternity and Newborn Sessions.

A Mat-8.jpg

Now you have probably seen this picture on my Instagram or my Facebook page already, however I just LOVE I am also sharing it here too.

This couple graciously braved a super cold, windy day for us to take these pictures.  We walked around the park and found a lot of super cute areas, and it was just before Christmas and I was super excited when I found what I feel is a Christmas Tree (I LOVE Christmas just incase you didn't already know)!  Just over a week later and their little BOY made his arrival, but more on that later.  Check out these photos from the Maternity Session.