Shayne & Lesia ~ Mill Lake, Abbotsford / by Alana Moran

Rain, rain, go away come again another day……nope that didn't work.

Shayne & Lesia already rescheduled their engagement session once due to weather but this time they decided they would take whatever Mother Nature threw our way.  Most couples would never have their engagement session in the rain (and I don't blame them) but these two decided to be different.  Now when I say it was raining…I mean it was POURING RAIN!  

We met up at Mill Lake in Abbotsford and decided to walk around the lake and take pictures along the way.  We managed to stay dry for about the first half but then slowly we could feel the wetness sinking in.  By the end of our session Shayne & Lesia had totally embraced the weather and we ended with some pictures on the dock…no umbrellas….no hoods….just rain!  I can honestly say it was awesome!  I can't wait to see how their wedding day unfolds and although I hope it doesn't rain……if it does we will be ready for it!